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This is such a wonderful piece of handwork! I picked it up in north Texas, so the feeling that it has a Mexican "feel" to design may not be far off. It is made from one piece of leather forming the front,bottom,back and flap, with the two ends sewn in. It is made from a full sheet of leather, it has not been split. The leather is about 3/8" thick. The handle is made from two thicknesses of leather. Whatever it was used for, they did not want it to come open, there are two sets of closures. There is a lided compartment on the inside lid. It appears to me to have been custom made, not an "off the shelf" item. I have had several dealers and apraiser friends look at it and no one seems to know just exactly what it would have been used for. They all very in thier ideas as to it's age. Between them and the research I have been able to do, I believe it to have been made in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. There are no obvious stains on the inside from medicine, paint or anything like that. It has little brass bun feet to protect the bottom. It has places on the sides where there was a strap attatched at one time. The fold that made the "hinge" on the lid has split at both ends. I tried to show this in the pics. It was extremely dry when I acquired it. I cleaned and moisturized it with olive oil. The is wear, but nothing too bad, only the hinge. It measures aprox. 12"X6"X5". Email me with any questions or more pics.

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?Circa 1875
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