Carved Wood Maximon Mayan Guatemala Diety 17" from Santiago Atitlan , old

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Carved Wood Maximon  Maximon 17".   Maximom    is a Mayan deity represented in various forms by the Maya people of several towns in the highlands of Western Guatemala. Description:   Maximon (pronounced "Mashimon"), a local deity also known as Hermano San Simon, "Brother Saint Simon Peter." Maximon is actually a pre-Columbian Mayan god of the underworld formerly known as Maam ("grandfather"); his modern name is a conflation of Maam and Simon   He is thought of as a god, a devil, a miracle worker, or simply the the folk saint of drinking, smoking and womanizing. Venerated by Indigenous people throughout the highlands of Guatemala, who will leave gifts of money, cigarettes, food or rum as in his places of worship to curry favor with him.  He brings wealth and worldly success to those who worship him.     There is an actual life size carved suture in the town of Santiago Atitlan in which every year they prade in around in the streets and a lucky family is chosen to take care of him for a year.   People will go to him with gifts and light cigarettes in his mouth and pray for healing.   I have seen this in action and the indigenous  people take him seriously.    The room is decorated with gaudy lights and smoke fills the room while his cigarette burn.  An attendant is there to flick the ashes.    There is usually a shaman there praying for an ill person who is also present.   Awful music is being playing as well.   It is something to see but you will need to bring an offering.    Handcrafted Guatemalan fully articulated Maximon statue .    I purchased this one over 25 yeas ago  for my father who is now  downsizing.    His chair and black  hat are missing.     He is somewhat dusty from being stored.   

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