Tablescape With Refreshing Simplicity

Credit: ADailySomething
Home of Rebecca Gallop

Calligraphic and Linear:

There is a clean simplicity to this tablescape that is so refreshing it feels like a carefree nap in a hammock. Calligraphic foliage and tall, black tapers continue the linear sense that echoes throughout the room.

Carefully Chosen and Mismatched:

The seating, at first glance, merely mismatched, are in fact, similar and carefully chosen, as are all the elements in this room. None are upholstered, all have spoked, geometric backs. The clean geometry of the architecture, minimally trimmed, is nevertheless graceful, with gentle curvilinear forms in arched shelving and pendant lights.

Home of Rebecca Gallop

Limited Color:

Color is limited to a Shaker-esque whisp. Cloud gray stone subway tile on a feature wall, and ebony flooring, is punctuated only by a gradation of wood tones, horn and russet leaves.  A distinct but subtle pop of teal, on the vintage pendants, is a cheerful exclamation point.

Cutlery That Lends a Patinaed Glow:

Antique silverplate cutlery, and candlesticks, collected over time, lend a lovely patinaed glow.  Rather than the sharp shine of high polish, this creates an understated elegance, especially against the soft white flour sack napkins. The whole is sublime, supremely lovely, and restful.

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Home of Rebecca Gallop, Photo:SweetRootVillage, via @ADailySomething


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