A New Generation of Collectors

Artist: Geraldine Cario, Photographer: Nicolas Millet, via Cote Maison
Wall of Traces, Collection As Art, Collected Memories

A New Generation of Collectors

Some specialists say that if you collect a very diverse number of things, not settling on one or two genres, not buying an item for its elevated position within a collection, that you are not a “Collector.” I disagree. I think WE are a New Generation of Collectors, who buy collection-worthy items, in a great variety of genres, because we really really really appreciate quality & beauty, we appreciate history…we have the capacity to appreciate MANY things. AND… we are The Ones who want to live with only what we love, and we want to really LOVE what we live with, daily. No more, no less.

Via Tumblr
Individual Sets of Mismatched Antique Silverware, Tied With Ribbon
Via Apartment Therapy, Melanie Turner
Antique Headboard & Frame. Upcycled Antique Bedside Table.

The Art of Curating Your Life

It’s not the “art of tidying up,” (though that’s an awesome practice) or even “living tiny,” which is also awesome. It is The Art of Curating Your Life. Used to be, “curate”, that lofty word, meant you were in charge of, or organizing some exhibit or show at a gallery or museum. On 10/2/09, Tim Gough, a writer for the NewYork Times, defined it as a “fashionable code word among the aesthetically minded, who seem to paste it onto any activity that involves culling and selecting,” but that has become synonymous for “I have a discerning eye and great taste.”

Room styled by Barbara Westbrook. Via @HuffHarrington
Fabulous Antique Leather Wing Chair

Live With What You Love. Love What You Live With.

Credit: Silke Tamsma
Antique Bread and Utility Knives

Well, I’m ok with that, though at the time, I don’t think he meant it as a compliment. Because here is where we part ways: You get one (1, uno, un, yi) life (IMHO.) Why, for crying out loud, wouldn’t you want to thoroughly enjoy what you surround yourself with? The items in your home are what you see, and have to use, day in and day out. #LiveWithWhatYouLove, and #LoveWhatYouLiveWith. Choose what is beautiful, and what makes your heart happy. Curate, curate, curate!

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