Bayonets: An Illustrated History by: Martin J. Brayley

Bayonets: An Illustrated History by: Martin J. Brayley

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Bayonets: An Illustrated History by: Martin J. Brayley

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"Bayonets: An Illustrated History "covers the subject from the 17th century to date--providing a full-color introduction to a fascinating military weapon. A short, general introduction examines the history of the bayonet--named after the French town of Bayonne, where it is thought to have been devised around 1650. The book details the technological advancements over the years in the size, shape, manufacture and style of the bayonet. Most of the book is divided into alphabetical coverage on the bayonets of 37 countries, from Argentina to Yugoslavia.

This latest book from long time researcher and militaria expert Martin J. Brayley provides an extensive and in depth examination of bayonets from 37 countries from around the world - over 300 bayonets in all. The history of the bayonet is indeed an interesting one, and this comprehensive reference does a splendid job of covering its origin and evolution, as well as the physical description, manufacturing data, service history and effectiveness of each model. Contains nearly 500 supporting color photographs.

"Bayonets: An Illustrated History" is an excellent starting point for the military enthusiast or collector, providing over 500 color images and contemporary illustrations.

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