Antique Oak Two Drawer Tampa Cigar Case

Antique oak Tampa cigar case, with two drawers, manufactured by J. T. Swann & Co. of Tampa, Florida. The bottom of this finely-constructed case is stamped with the Seal of the City of Tampa, Fla. which was famous for the manufacture of hand-rolled cigars. The bottom also has the stamped signature of John M. Henderson, who was City Clerk from June, 1898 - April 1907, according to the archives of the City of Tampa website. The cigars that came in this box came from Factory No. 363 in the State of Florida. The cigars "were manufactured to retail at more than Five Cents each and not more than Eight cents each..." Please refer to one of the photographs to see the entire stamping. The cigar case measures approximately 5.5 inches high, 9.25 inches wide, and 6.125 inches deep. It is constructed of wood, nails, and glue, and weighs a little over 1.5 pounds. The case has two drawers with wooden drawer pulls; one drawer is divided into two compartments. The cigar case has with 2 wooden strips attached to the sides of the interior which provide a ledge for the top drawer to rest and slide upon. The case has rounded edges and corners, and the two back corners are finger joined. This piece is in very good condition, with light surface wear. The drawers slide easily and fit tightly. There is a minor dent in the wood top near the back left corner, and a small surface blemish on the back near the top. There is a somewhat larger defect in the wood (about .25 inch by .20 inch) on the left side near the back. Please refer to the 4 photographs for appearance and condition. Shipping / packaging / handling will be $10.00.

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