Antique Chinese Carved Bench

Antique Chinese long sitting bench with spindles and carved back-a delightful find. This bench features an interesting assortment of carving types and techniques.

The main feature of the bench is the carved back spindles. Each spindle has a semi-circle loop at each end. Each spindle is connected to the bowed back section using mortise and tenon construction.

The five upper panels are carved with floral patterns. The three center panels are covered in a pinkish mica finish, giving these panel lots of texture, dimension and even some "bling." The two side upper panels are stained brown.

The large side panels are painted with a reddish background and feature carvings of phoenix (mythical bird-representing the Chinese empress) and floral patterns, which have been painted gold.

The arm rests are somewhat rustic as compared to the rest of the bench. Under the arm rests are carved supports-the back support is a simple gourd shape and the front support is more intricately carved.

The bench can easily seat four to five adults, side-by-side.

The apron under the seating area is divided into four sections. The two center sections each have two four-sided floral carvings; as well as the side aprons. The back apron is simpler in design.

The legs end in the traditional Chinese horse hoof design.

Item Details

Reference #:
Furniture & Furnishings
Antiques (approx100yrs)
circa 1850-1900
(Width x Height X Depth)
68.00 x 36.00 x 18.00
Antique / Good
Wood (Mu)