Antique 18th Century Islamic Sword Russian Shashka

Antique 18th -19th century Silver mounted Caucasian - Russian sword Shashka. DETAILS: An 18th century slightly curved single – edged sturdy blade, most likely of Polish origin, cut on each face with elaborate fullering comprising broad and narrow fullers of differing lengths, engraved and gilt with a scrollwork panel, a standing horned deer, a Crescent Moon with face and stars. The other side is engraved with a scrollwork panel Man Sun Face, Stars and Rampant Lion.

References: For Caucasian swords with comparable engravings on the blade and described as 18th century Polish, please see the following references: 1) "Weapons of the Caucasian Nations" by E. Astvacaturyan. Published 2004. 2) "Caucasian Arms from the State Hermitage Museum St.Petersburg" by Yurij A.Miller. Also see "Weapons of the Caucasian Nations" by E.Astvacaturyan. Published 1995.

The hilt is in the characteristic Caucasian form with two grip-scales retained by two silver rivets with a large hooked bifurcated silver pommel chased in low relief with scrolling foliage with its original wooden scabbard covered in black leather with large silver mounts, locket and chape, decorated in suite with the pommel. The silver locket has an oval medallion with an enclosed chased inscription in Arabic “AGHA SALIM VALAD HAGJI KHAN” English translation Agha Salim son of Hagji Han.

There was an Islamic monarch in Caucasus, a Khan of Azerbaijani Khanate of Nakhichevan by the name Khan Haji (1743-1755). It is possible that the sword belonged to his son, where the age of the sword corresponds to this time, however since there are no records as a list of the sons of HAGJI KHAN, and Islamic rulers traditionally had many wives and sons, we do not know anything about this particular.

This is an example of a Museum quality early Caucasian Shashka of the same class as the Shashka’s from the State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg published in the book "Caucasian Arms from the State Hermitage Museum St.Petersburg" by Yurij A.Miller.

Please note that most of the similar Shashka swords on the market today are late 19th century and early 20th century, not to mention well made reproductions without any historical or investment value. We provide our clients with a certificate of authenticity to ensure clients that an item is a genuine antique.

Condition: The sword is in good condition considering its age with some pitted spots on the blade, the leather on the wooden scabbard near the locket and the chape split at the join. Cracks in the hilt with repair to secure, but very stable and solid. Approximate measurements: Overall length with the scabbard: 101 cm (39 3/4 inches), the length without the scabbard: 92.8 cm (36 1/2 inches), length of the blade: 76.7 cm (30 1/4 inches).

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