Animal Embroideries & Patterns by Raffaella Seran

Animal Embroideries & Patterns

Raffaella Serena

The Book
The discovery of the Nowotny collection in Vienna brings us a collection that is unique both in quality and quantity of the patterns. It is also a comprehensive record of some of the most refined and elegant creations of the nineteenth century.
In the history of embroidery, the nineteenth century occupies a very special place. Not only did it coincide with the most popular period in this time-honoured art but it also happened to be the century in which embroidery gave full expression to the ideal of femininity.

This book perfectly compliments Embroideries and Patterns of Nineteenth Century Vienna, Serenas first publication concerning the Nowotny Collection. Like its counterpart, Animal Embroideries and Patterns surveys samplers, motifs and decorative patterns, but focuses solely on animal patterns.

The embroideries are perfectly reproduced in 221 flawless colour photographs and are accompanied by 24 technical drawings. Practical advice is offered which allows any keen embroidery enthusiast to reproduce some of the more spectacular designs.

Sales Points
Over 200 superb colour reproductions of original nineteenth century embroideries
Written by Raffaella Serena, a notable authority in the field of embroidery
Includes 24 technical charts with practical advice
Exceptional factual, practical text of particular interest to contemporary needlework enthusiasts
Also available by Raffaella Serena: Embroideries and Patterns from 19th Century Vienna
The Author
Raffaella Serena, an expert in and collector of all applied arts, has extensively researched petit-point and cross-stitch history for more than twenty years.
Her interest in the applied arts led her to open the Bottega delle Arti Applicate in Milan where she holds embroidery classes. She is also the author of A Piccoli Punti.

Size: 279 x 216mm
Pages: 240
Illustrations: 208 col. 41
Antique Collectors' Club
ISBN: 1 85149 401 4
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