6943 Pair Intricately Detailed Portraits of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

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A magnificent pair of lithograph portraits of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Extremely detailed and in original metal frames. Jean-Gothard Muller (1746-1830). Both lithographs were hand-etched and engraved from paintings done by different Court painters. Engravings printed on laid paper, with margins, each framed in period metal. It is most likely that the prints were done during the lifetime of Louis and Marie.

Framed Dimensions (each): 32 x 25 1/2in (81 x 65cm)

Louis XVI King of France and Navarre

Oil painting by Joseph Duplessis, 1785
Palace Museum of Versailles, Paris

Reign 10 May 1774 – 21 September 1792 Coronation 11 June 1775, Reims Full name Louis-Auguste Titles Duke of Berry (1754–65)
Dauphin of France (1765–74)
King of France (1774–91)
King of the French (1791–92)
'Citizen Louis Capet' Born 23 August 1754(1754-08-23) Palace of Versailles, France Died 21 January 1793 (aged 38) Paris, France Buried Eventually Saint Denis Basilica, France Predecessor Louis XV Successor De facto National Convention, ruling legislative body of the French First Republic
De jure Louis XVII Consort Marie Antoinette of Austria (1755–93) Issue Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte, Dauphine of France (1778–1851)
Louis-Joseph-Xavier-François, Dauphin of France (1781–89)
Louis-Charles, future titular Louis XVII (1785–95)
Sophie Hélène Béatrix of France (1786–87) Royal House House of Bourbon Father Louis, Dauphin of France (1729–65) Mother

Marie-Josèphe of Saxony (1731–67)

Marie Antoinette Queen of France and Navarre Oil painting by Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 1779
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Born November 2, 1755(1755-11-02) Hofburg Palace,Vienna, Austria Died October 16, 1793 (aged 37) Paris, France Consort May 10, 1774–September 21, 1792 Consort to Louis XVI Issue Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte
Louis XVII
Sophie Hélène Béatrix Royal House Habsburg-Lorraine Father Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor Mother Maria Theresa of Austria

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c. 1785
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