1901 antique victorian MECHaNICAL Snuff case


THe victorians were known for using as little space and getting the most out of it at the same time. This dated case with original leather bag is a perfect example. Made to look like a calling card case,this has hidden in the front, a snuff spoon, and a comb. When you open the case you see a flattened mechanical clothes brush that opens to a full brush when the secret button is pushed. Took me a while to figure the mechanics of it, but the two knobs that hold this together are actually the mechanism to extend the brush. Inside it reads, Pat May 28, 1901, Mafr'd by Perry Austen, Mf C,NEw York. Beautiful raised relief work on the front shows off the antique oval mirror that one would use to primp or to use the snuff. Possible to make sure the snuff did not leave any remnants on one's face. The back of the case it also beautiful with two colors of metal. The snuff spoon also doubles as a tweezer. Weren't they so clever!? The case measures 4 1/4 long x 2 1/3" wide. The case is very thin aw a card case would be. A lovely piece of history that surely has many stories to tell! The mirror is not broken and is beveled. SOme of the silver is gone on the edges. Considering its age, it is in good mechanical condition. This fits snugly closed and was made with no hinges. I hope this finds a home where it will be appreciated and loved as much as it has been here. And now for the tedious part that you probably already know: PLease remember that vintage & antique items are not mint, nor are they perfect but they sure are full of old history and charm.All items are sold as is and as found (used and probably vintage) Since this is Irreplaceable there can be no returns on this sale.. Please use photos to make your decisions.My definition of Vintage is a style or method formerly in vogue.

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