1640 US French Colonial Clement 8 Silver Billon Douzain

1640 US French Colonial Clement 8 Silver Billon Douzain

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1640 US French Colonial Clement 8 Silver Billon Douzain

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1640 US French Colonial Clement 8 Silver Billon Douzain

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1640 (undated) US French Colonial silver billon coin countermarked with fleur de lys (lis) in beaded oval from Paris Mint

Issued by French Edict of June 1640 according to Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of US and Colonial Coins page 47 and Robert Vlack's An Illustrated Catalogue of the French Billon Coinage in the Americas pages 9 & 10.

Vlack 1-m or 1-n page 10 Clement VIII  undertype from  which is a Rarity-6 or Rarity 7.

Breen#271 from his Complete Encyclopedia on page 47 listed as "Rare."

2010 Redbook lists 1640 US Silver Colonial Silver Pine Tree 3 Pence @ $800 in VG   COMPARE !!!

Even John Ford did not have many of these 1640 countermarked coins!

The undertype Henry II coin was shipped back to the Paris Mint and in 1640 was countermarked or counterstamped officially per the 1640 Edict with a fleur-de-lis (fleur-de-lys) surrounded by a beaded oval.

2010 Redbook already has French New World (Colonial America) Issues on pages 49 to 51

David Bowers' 2009 first edition Whitman Encyclopediaof Colonial and Early American Coins devotes pages 281 to 283 to French Colonial Coinage for America.  He starts with the 1670 issues and does not even mention the 1640 Paris Mint countermarked silver billon douzains.

Breen's Encyclopedia has thorough history and Robert Vlack devotes two pages. 

But you must respect the combination of confirmation by Walter Breen and Robert Vlack.

Perhaps this 1640 silver issue will eventually be listed in future Redbooks?

Most of these 1640 countermarked silver billon coins were struck on a very worn undertype and many are not indentifiable with the host coin.

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  • counterstamped with a Fleur de Lys countermark struck at the Paris Mint for Colonial Export

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