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The August, 1947 issue of Holiday Magazine is a tribute to the State-of-Maine, creating a complete history(going back to 1497) and travel guide to this place of natural beauty. The emphasis on their 2 most valuable resources, seacoast and forests gives a framework to most aspects of Maine life. Being subject to weather changes beyond the fisherman's or farmer's control has shaped the character of the people and this essay goes into that"not openly emotional or enthusisatic" personality in great detail. Neighborly helpfulness is important to the survival of the rugged natives. Meanwhile for the many vacationers, the state is a great spot for the carefree sailing ,kids' camps,sport fishing, hiking,claming,swimming,etc. The byproducts of their plentiful forests and waters such as Maine lobsters,wood &paper products,cider are written about extensively. The article about the city of Boston interestingly describes the first families of the city and their funny names, Brhamins, Cold Roast, and Codfish. The exclusiveness of Beacon Hill with its ultra-conservative high society, many living in homes designed by Bullfinch are as much of Boston as Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, Bunker Hill, and the U.S. Frigate Constitution. Boston is history spiced with the fine culture of museums╬╝sic, the numerous Irish, sports, and dockworkers,famous eateries, and colleges. In another magazine piece The S.S. America is once again a luxury liner after being used as a war transport called the West Point. The liner goes from a gunboat to fun city at sea. The reader also gets to spend some time with the tough captain of the ship, to understand his concern for safety, responsiblities as a leader, and managerial role in maintaining quality for a pampered clientele. The condition of the magazine is good, with very miniscule tearing & there is the expected yellowing with age. [Box 8504] - [Item 89373]

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