Antique Imperial Russian Napoleonic Helmet Grenadier Mitre

Rare antique early 19th century Imperial Russian Napoleonic Grenadier Mitre Cap. The body is covered in a crimson wool cloth reinforced with brass strips stamped on the back with Cyrillic letters and the number 17. The front brass plate is finely embossed with a crowned double headed Russian Imperial eagle with a central shield with the ciphers of Alexander I, bordered with grenades, a mask and a sun-burst at the head. The canvas lining bears some type of stamp which unfortunately is too difficult to read. A very similar Russian Mitre is published in the book "The Lyle official Arms and Armour revive 1983", page 261, priced at $955 and also in "The Lyle Antiques & Their Values Militaria Identification & Price Guide", page 146. This Mitre was sold for a very high price in 1982, over 25 years ago, compared to other items listed in these books such as: a. set of silver damascene Persian helmet and shield sold for $335 b. European circa 1600 A.D helmets cabasset- $285, c. 17th century Burgonet helmet- $350, d. Cromwellian armour including Lobster tail helmet, breast and back plates- $640 and another for - $750. All of the prices listed for the items are the amounts for which the items were sold at the international auctions in 1982. All of the information can be emailed to serious buyers and as well photocopies will be attached together with the certificate of authenticity for the buyer. Condition: This rare Russian helmet is in good condition considering its age, approximately 200 years old. The crimson wool cloth is worn and dirty with some minor moth holes, the canvas lining has small holes and spots of blood. Measurements: Approximately 34,5 cm (13 1/2 inches) tall. The actual color of the fabric is dark red, but on the pictures the fabric appears orange-red due to the strong lighting used to take the photographs.

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Militaria & Weapons
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Circa 1805
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